Graduate Certificates

Graduates in the field of mental health counseling are often lifelong learners, and we offer a variety of specialized certifications to equip them with the skills they need to offer compassionate, clinically excellent care. From counseling specialties such as addiction and childhood trauma to theological studies such as racial justice and spiritual formation, we have a program that will support you as your career progresses.

Certificate Requirements

Students pursuing certificates must take a minimum of three courses depending on the certificate program, and prerequisite courses may be required. Certain restrictions are noted for certificate programs with the MS degree. Once a student has added a certificate, the student’s program of study will be updated with the required coursework to complete the certificate. In order to pursue and earn a certificate, students must be currently enrolled in a licensure-eligible Master’s degree program or have already earned a licensure-eligible Master’s degree from an accredited institution.  Otherwise, students may still take certificate coursework, but the certificate will not be awarded without having a licensure-eligible Master’s degree conferred.

Most certificate courses are not currently available online; therefore, students should plan to attend face-to-face traditional Weekly or Intensive courses. The Integration and Pastoral Care certificates are not available to students pursuing the Richmont Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree. 

School of Counseling Certificates

Addictions Counseling Certificate

The Addictions Counseling Certificate is designed to provide specialized training for students who wish to work with individuals in the broad area of addictions. It is also recommended for students in this certificate program to complete at least one rotation (i.e. three months) of Practicum, Internship I, or Internship II at a site that primarily focuses on addictive disease treatment.

The Addictions Counseling Certificate:

  • Equips students to work with a wide range of issues in the realm of addictions
  • Prepares students with specific training related to human addictions that is grounded in Christian theology
CED6833 Addictions: Theory and Clinical Assessment 3
CED7832 Addictions: Treatment and Intervention 2
CED7842 Psychopharmacology for Counselors 2
CED7842 Neurobiology of Addiction 2

Child and Adolescent Counseling Certificate

The Child and Adolescent Counseling Certificate is designed to provide specialized instruction for students planning to work primarily with children and teens. These students still fulfill all licensure requirements and also are trained in working with adults.

The Child and Adolescent Counseling Certificate:

  • Now Available Online!*
  • Equips students with specialized training for work with children and teens
  • Prepares students with systematic training in important areas needed to provide Christian counseling to children and adolescents

*Contains two residencies

CED6412Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (prerequisite)2
CED6802Trauma in Developmental Context2
CED7452Introduction to Play Therapy2
CED7463Advanced Techniques in Play Therapy for Children and Adolescents3

Christian Sex Therapy Certificate

The Christian Sex Therapy Certificate is designed to provide specialized training with a Christian worldview for students who wish to work with individuals regarding sexuality.

The Christian Sex Therapy Certificate:

  • Now Available Online!
  • Prepares students to work with a wide range of issues in the broad area of sexuality
  • Equips students with counseling skills related to human sexuality that are grounded in Christian theology
CED6512Human Sexuality: A Therapeutic Integration2
CED6522Basic Issues in Sex Therapy2
CED7532Sexual Dysfunctions, Addictive, Compulsive and Paraphilic Sexuality2
CED7542Sexuality: Medical Issues, Trauma and Abuse2

Integration Certificate

The Integration Certificate is designed to provide specialized training for those in the health and mental health fields, as well as ministry, who desire to know how to integrate their Christian faith into their daily work. 

The Integration Certificate:

  • Trains students to consider the relationship between spirituality,  both their own and their clients’, and the role of faith in experiencing personal healing and transformation
  • Prepares students to effectively integrate Christian faith and spirituality into their daily work

This certificate cannot be earned while pursuing a master’s degree from the Richmont School of Counseling.

CED6112Personal and Spiritual Life of the Counselor2
CED6233Relating Faith and Spirituality in Counseling3
CED6342Faith Traditions with Implications for Counseling2
CED7132Theodicy and Trauma Counseling2
CED7312Biblical Interpretation and Application for Counselors2
CED7362Integrative Theology for Counselors2
CEDx2x2Counseling and Spirituality Integration Elective2

Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate

The Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate is designed to provide specialized training for students who desire to work specifically with couples and families, as well as individuals within their context. This certificate fulfills the academic requirements in most states for licensure in marriage and family therapy (LMFT) and for clinical membership 75 in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). 

The Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate:

  • Now Available Online!
  • Equips students with both a systems theory perspective and a Christian theology integrationist perspective
  • Prepares students with the knowledge and skills to practice marriage and family therapy in a variety of settings
  • Trains students to use a family systems theory perspective to address the whole person  and to move the hurting family system toward healthy functioning

This certificate requires the conferral of the Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling or equivalent degree.

CED5612Person of the Marriage and Family Therapist2
CED6512Human Sexuality: A Therapeutic Integration2
CED6632Family Wellness in Society2
CED7642Couples, Marriage, and Family Therapy I2
CED7643Couples, Marriage, and Family Therapy II3
CED7653Advanced Couples, Marriage, and Family Therapy3

Spiritual Formation in Counseling Certificate

The Spiritual Formation in Counseling Certificate builds on the integrative competencies of the MACMHC curriculum; its purpose is to promote the student’s spiritual formation while developing extensive knowledge in spiritually-focused counseling interventions. Courses are designed to train beyond the competencies outlined by ASERVIC toward the ability to facilitate spiritual formation, which is seen as the goal of Christian counseling.

The Spiritual Formation in Counseling Certificate:

  • Prepares students with both spiritually-focused counseling techniques and historic approaches to spiritual formation
  • Equips students for counseling and spiritual formation in church-based contexts.
For this certificate, at least four of the following courses are required:
CED7222 Evidence-Based Interventions for Spiritual Formation 2
CED7262 Integrating Spiritual Direction into Counseling 2
CED7282 Church-Based Counseling 2
CED7292 The Spiritual Formation of the Counselor 2
CEDI720x Original Independent Study in Spiritual Formation in Counseling Hours Vary

Trauma Counseling Certificate

The Trauma Counseling Certificate is designed to provide specialized training for students who wish to work with individuals who have experienced trauma.

The Trauma Counseling Certificate:

  • Prepares students to work with a wide range of issues
  • Trains students in the biological and developmental impact of trauma and clinical interventions for both children and adult
CED6802Trauma in Developmental Context2
CED6812Trauma and Biology2
CED7812Adult Trauma Intervention2
CED7802Child Trauma Intervention2

Pastoral Care Certificate

The Pastoral Care Certificate is designed for church, community, and para-church leaders, lay ministers, non-profit leaders, and individuals in healthcare who desire more practical training in caring for and understanding the needs of the people in their ministry field.

The Pastoral Care Certificate:

  • Trains students on a variety of topics to aid in understanding human growth and development and psychopathology, and the role of faith in these arenas
  • Equips students with practical skills to improve relational ministry while working with those in their community

This certificate cannot be earned while pursuing a master’s degree from the Richmont School of Counseling.

CED5122Foundations in Counseling2
CED6143Psychopathology: Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders3
CED6153Helping Relationships for Pastoral Care3
CED6162Crisis Response and Intervention2
CED6512Human Sexuality: A Therapeutic Integration2
CED6612Family Systems Theory2
CED7113Human Growth and Development3

School of Ministry Certificates

Spiritual Direction Certificate

  • Focus on a lived experience with Jesus and training others to do the same
  • Classical spiritual formation emphasis as offered by many, including Dallas Willard and Ignatius of Loyola
  • Cohort model that demonstrates a community of Christ-likeness
  • Supervised spiritual direction practice
  • Credits from this certificate can be applied toward the Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Direction degree
SPD7253Perceiving a Holy Invitation3
SPD7263Preparing an Available Self3
SPD7273Discerning and Knowing God3
SPD7283Developing a Listening Ear3
SPD7293Arranging a Sacred Space3

August 26-29, 2024 – Online Intensive

August 26: 8am-3pm

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Anglican Studies Certificate

The Anglican Studies Concentration is designed to familiarize students with the unique theological aspects of Anglicanism, encompassing its ecclesial and liturgical heritage, as well as its context-sensitive approach to contemporary ministry. The Master of Arts in Ministry with a concentration in Anglican Studies was developed in collaboration with the Mission School of Ministry, which is affiliated with (ACNA). This partnership combines parish-based education with an accredited Master of Arts program.

  • Equips students with the skills to interpret scripture, emphasizing fundamental hermeneutics, Biblical themes, Christian Trinitarian doctrine, and church history.

  • Empowers students in intentional spiritual formation, encouraging them to abide in Christ and to embody Christ-like characteristics.

  • Provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the history of Anglicanism, including its theological distinctives and rich ecclesial and liturgical heritage.

Expand Your Skills and Knowledge with Our Graduate Certificates

The cost of each certificate varies. Please see the Cost of Admission for current rates.
Richmont wants to help make your education goals a reality, so please inquire about financial aid opportunities.

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) in Spiritual Formation and Leadership

Application Requirements

  • Admission application with a $50 nonrefundable application fee 
  • An acknowledgement that the applicant has reviewed the Statement of Faith
  • A 40 hours Master’s degree with 11 hours of Bible and Theology in Ministry or a related field of study 
  • Three completed reference forms:
    • Pastoral Reference
    • Character reference
    • Academic or professional reference
  • Resume
  • Academic Writing Sample 
  • Personal Interview with the Dean of the School of Ministry and Program Director 
  • A personal statement that outlines the applicant’s intent behind applying for the Doctor of Ministry at Richmont. Said application must be between 500 to 700 words typed, double spaced.